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Arthur Barclay was both a Postmaster General and a President of Liberia (dyk:2)
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Liberia applied their first overprint to stamps in 1892 to create their first postage due stamps. (dyk:6)
Liberia issued it's first air mail stamps on February 28, 1936 by overprinting stamps from 1928. (dyk:3)
Liberia issued it's first postage stamp in 1860. (dyk:1)
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William Tubman served as President of Liberia from January 3, 1944 to July 23, 1971. (dyk:5)
Wm. Thomas Lockard (wiki:lockard)
You can find almost any type of Liberian stamp used as postage as long as the amount was correct to pay postage. (dyk:4)
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