1893 Surcharged Official

With the reduction in the foreign letter rate from 8c to 5c and no 5c stamp available, the 1892 officials 6c stamp was surcharged to 5c.



Issue date 1893
Printing method Engraved
Printer Waterlow & Sons
Paper Watermarked: Rosette
Perforation 15
Sheet size 40 (8x5)
Subjects Oil Palm
Overprint Locally surcharged "Five Cents" in black.



Most of the varieties are fairly easy to distinguish but some people get confused about the "short" flags. Here is a comparison scan. The 5 on the left has the normal flag. The stamp on the right has the short flag.


This occurs in position 30 in the sheet of 40.

Surcharges and Overprints

1904 Surcharged Officials

Further reading

  • Liberia. The Provisional Surcharged Issues 1892-1918. Series Booklet No. 9 / Philip Cockrill
  • "1893 Provisional Issue" / Journal of the Liberian Philatelic Society / pp. 4-5 / Rogers, Henry H. / Mar 1967

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