1906 Pictorial Issue



Issue date 1906
Designer 1
Printing method Engraved
Printer Perkins Bacon & Company
Paper Unwatermarked
Perforation 14
Sheet size 1c 5x10, 2c 10x5, 5c 5x10, 10c 5x4, 15c 4x5, 20c 5x4, 25c 5x4, 30c 5x4, 50c 5x4, 75c 4x5, $1 5x4, $2 5x4, $5 5x4
Subjects 1c African Elephant, 2c Head of Mercury, 5c Chimpanzee, 10c Plantain Eater, 15c Agama Lizard, 20c Great Egret, 25c Coin, 50c Liberian Flag, 75c Liberian Hippopotamus, $1 Head of Liberty, $2 Mandingoes, $5 Head of President Barclay and Executive Mansion

Surcharges and overprints

1906 Officials
1914 Surcharges
1914 Surcharged Officials
1915-16 Surcharges
1916 Military Surcharges
1917 Surcharges

Further reading

  • "The New Issue of Liberian Postage Stamps" / pp. 79-81 / Liberia. Bulletin of the American Colonization Society / unassign. / Nov 1906
  • "The Mystery of the Water Damaged Pair" / pp. 4-5 / Journal of the Liberian Philatelic Society / Tauber, Lewis E. / Apr-Jun 2008
  • "Is this the first portrayal of tool use by a chimp?" / pp. 1 / Journal of the Liberian Philatelic Society / Whiten, Andrew & William C. McGrew / Apr-Jun 2006


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