1956 Olympics Issue

Issued to commemorate the 16th Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia which ran from November 22 through December 8, 1956.

Regular stamps: 358, 359, 360 361

Air mail stamps: C104, C105

Air mail souvenir sheet: C106


Issue date November 15, 1956
Printing method Lithographed
Printer E. A. Wright Bank Note Company
Paper Unwatermarked
Perforation 12
Sheet size 4c 5x5, 6c 5x5, 8c 5x5, 10c 5x5, 12c 5x5, 20c 5x5
Subjects 4c - Kangaroo and Emu, 6c Discus Thrower; 8c - Goddess of Victory and Olympic Symbols; 10c - Chariot Race; 12c - Olympic Park Stadium, Melbourne; 20c - Map of Australia and Torch; 40c - Map of Australia and Torch

Specimens, proofs and essays

Progressive proofs



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  • New issue announcement / p. 9 / Journal of the Liberian Philatelic Society / Jan-Mar 2005

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