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The Liberian Philatelic Society was founded in 1955 by Prof. H. H. Bartlett but didn’t become really active until Colonel Henry Harper Rogers became president following Prof. Bartlett’s death. Rogers grew the society to nearly 150 members and began publishing the first LPS Letter. This first newsletter was edited by O. E. Lynch until 1973 when Stanley DeShay took over as editor[1].

DeShay shifted the format of the newsletter to a small format journal in 1978 but it was Roy P. Mackal and Henry Chlanda who began publishing the Journal as it is seen today. Their Journal of the Liberian Philatelic Society became the top publication for philatelists interested in Liberia. Manfred Beier has indexed the Journal[2] by author and by issue. I am currently working on indexing it by subject

In 1988, the Liberian Philatelic Society became American Philatelic Society Affiliate #176.


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