Colonel Henry Harper Rogers

Henry Harper Rogers (June 13, 1903 – ?) was the author of ''A Century of Liberian Philately'' and served as president of the Liberian Philatelic Society.


Henry Harper Rogers was born on June 13, 1903 in Rome, New York. His family moved to his mother's home town of Harper, West Virgina, when he was young [1]. He graduated from North Carolina State University in 1928 with a B.S. in Physics, from Duke University in 1929 with a M.A. in Physics, and from Pennsylvania State University in 1934 with a Ph.D. in Physics.


  • A Century of Liberian Philately / Rogers, Henry H. / 1971
  • "Handbook of Liberian Philately", Published serially in SPA Journals

Further reading

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