Arthur Szyk
Arthur Szyk

Rejected design from the Love of Liberty series.

Arthur Szyk (June 16, 1894 – September 13, 1951) was an artist who worked primarily as a book illustrator and political artist throughout his decades-long career[1].

Liberian Philatelic Ties

In 1949 Szyk completed several stamp designs for the African nation of Liberia. (The commission came from Franklin R. Bruns Jr., the agent for the postal administration in Liberia who later became the curator of philately at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History). Issued in six colors in panes of 20, the stamps—one, two, three, five, twenty-five, and fifty cents—featured scenes from the country’s history. Szyk’s design for an unissued Airmail stamp was produced as a small keepsake print (see image at right), and his elaborate design for a Liberian souvenir sheet was printed posthumously [2].

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